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  • Ideological Subversion 15-Nov-2015
    We come across so many incidents in our country that make us wonder what is wrong with us. Some of these incidents are very stupid while some tend to be very serious. Media blows anything and everything out of proportion and in many cases, selective reporting gives viewers an entirely different picture.
  • Goodbye Los Angeles, Namaskara Bengaluru 28-Dec-2014
    Looks like I just graduated from USC with a masters in Computer Science and I will be heading back to Bangalore to continue working on SMERGERS. An excerpt from the chat I had with Vishal on 25th May 2013...
  • Employment status - It's complicated 05-Jul-2013
    A very small subset of my friends knew what I was actually doing for the past 2 years. In June 2011, I quit National Instruments(NI) to join a startup, but I left that within a month to pursue some of my ideas. The journey since then has been pretty good. I thought of sharing the same with others.
  • Facebook Hacker Cup Qualifiers 2013 30-Jan-2013
    Hacker cup has got a lot better than what it used to be a few years back. I did like the problem set. It was good for a qualifying round. There is one significant rule which bothers me to some extent We are not allowed to make multiple submissions after the 6 minute timeline even if the contest is still on.
  • Dynamic Programming 16-Nov-2012
    Dynamic Programming tutorial on TopCoder is very good. I got started with solving some problems listed as exercises in the article. I think dynamic programming can be learnt only by practicing a lot. Here are my solutions for some of the problems listed.
  • Solving the performance bottleneck 01-Feb-2012
    Often, we come across problems which need better and faster solutions. It may seem like we have tried out everything and we do not have anything else for the given scenario. But some solutions seem to be just amazing, I have come across some of them where these performance bottlenecks have been solved using very simple design.
  • MVC in client side javascript using Backbone.js 28-Jan-2012
    As internet applications are getting more rich, designing user interfaces for the same gets complicated. Designing an application like GMail can be very complex since it is feature rich and one action is directly or indirectly related to several sections of the user interface.
  • Porting to Django 14-Dec-2011
    I recently came across a job posting by Kyle of In the second line, it read We are porting the website from RoR to Django". what?! That is probably the first time someone is actually porting their application from RoR to Django
  • strtok and thread safety! 15-Nov-2011
    Recently, I stumbled upon this method "strtok" in C which is used to split a string based on a delimiter. This is how it is used:
  • Deploying Django with Fabric 29-Sep-2011
    I have been using Django for quite sometime now. Deploying the application on a production server is a lot of effort, right from installing all the required packages, configuring mysql, apache, syncing the application from the repository etc.
  • How to track visitors? 27-Sep-2011
    There is a lot of noise about companies like facebook, google tracking users across websites. It is critical for them to know more about users and their taste. It is even more important for startups to track their users.
  • How swype works? 02-Jul-2011
    Swype is an awesome software which makes typing in mobile phones using the qwerty keyboard very easy. Here is a basic swype implementation in python.
  • Startup(ing) Problems 27-Jun-2011
    Today evening, I was having a chat with one of my friend. We landed on this topic of how side projects help us learn better etc.. and within no time we were talking about how commercialization of the same takes a back seat when we are working for some xyz corporation.
  • Facebook can hurt you! 21-Jun-2011
    Everytime we see a new feature popping up on Facebook, some xyz company is getting hurt. It is very uncommon these days to see some really unique feature from the main players. They are upto copying a lot of features from other proven products, I am pretty sure you are with me on that.
  • A great journey at NI comes to an end! 20-Jun-2011
    Today was my last day at NI. I will miss all the amazing friends i made at NI. The journey at NI was really fun filled. Games on the network, Wii, Football next to our workarea, treks, cycling, marathons and what not! I hope to cross paths with many of them in the future.
  • Python and Projecteuler 07-Jun-2011
    Tried writing some one liners for few problems in Projecteuler. had a good time writing them.. sharing the same. I have used some functional programming techniques which make programming a lot of fun
  • VIM colorschemes 04-Jun-2011
    List of some good colorschemes for VIM
  • disqus + github + dropbox + django 04-May-2011
    I was using drupal for my previous blog but I felt that using a cms for a simple blog is a overkill, so i decided to have a simple django blog.
  • Scaffolding for Django.. We call it groundwork! 23-Apr-2011
    Ruby on Rails has a feature called scaffolding. which basically creates controllers and views for CRUD operations on a model. This saves a lot of time. More importantly creating them ourself is quite a painful task.
  • BMSCE again! 07-Mar-2011
    Anitha Ma'am asked me if I could talk about Linux and motivate the students of 4th semester to use it more at labs etc.. I personally feel that asking someone to use Linux just because it is good does not motivate them to use it.
  • On the other side of the table.. 07-Mar-2010
    I have attended a number of Fests in different colleges, participated in events like Programming competitions, Online Collage etc.. Today, I got an opportunity to judge the Online Collage event at Avalanche 2010(BMSCE CS/IS Fest).
  • 3 Idiots 27-Dec-2009
    Watched the much awaited movie of the year 2009 yesterday, undoubtedly it was the best! Had watched a number of movies before this.. Luck, Love Aaj Kal, London Dreams..
  • Boost Library for C++ 17-May-2009
    I became a fan of STL(Standard Template Library) the moment I saw it. vectors, sets, maps, lists, stacks etc.. I could not have asked for more. I heard of Boost library from Madhu for the first time when he applied for GSoC last year.
  • Contributing to FOSS 11-May-2009
    How you can start contributing to open source? Free and open source software is software which is liberally licensed to grant the right of users to study, change, and improve its design through the availability of its source code. Did you know that Firefox is a Free and Open source software?
  • Kb!! - Designer Vs Developer ;) 14-Mar-2009
    Every year it so happens that a number of events come at once and I end up designing for most of them. It all started with Utsav 2006, I was very much impressed with all the design work and I wanted to learn it too. The first poster I made looked horrible and I had used inkskape for it.
  • Huffman Encoding 18-Jan-2009
    Huffman coding is a variable length encoding technique. More about it here: - This program accepts the characters and their probability as the input. and generates the Huffman codes for each of the characters.
  • Unforgettable Day - B'day @ Foss.IN ! 14-Dec-2008
    Birthday with KDE folks - All my previous birthdays were good! but not as good as this years'. This year was a special day! I knew it from quite sometime that I'll be in IISc for on my birthday..
  • Multiplication of Large Numbers. 26-Oct-2008
    I follow discussions on the Algorithms community on orkut. Came across one question which asked us to implement very big integers in C/C++. We can calculate 12! using integer data type, 20! using long long. Java provides a data type BigInteger which can handle it, Python can handle REALLY LARGE VALUES.
  • GNU/Linux Kernel Tutorial! 26-Oct-2008
    A workshop on GNU/Linux Kernel Development was organized by the IEEE Bangalore section in association with IBM ISL- LTC (Linux Techonlogy Center). The venue was Atria Hotel. Me, Madhu, Vattam, Sattvik registered for the event.
  • Microsoft Boot Camp, GOA! 26-Oct-2008
    The All India Microsoft student partners meet was held in Goa this year. All MSPs were excited about it. Anil and Lakshman got the tickets reserved. We left to Goa on the eve of 10th October. The journey was awesome, Lakshman was the target as usual , kept teasing him through out the trip.
  • IIT Madras Tech Fest - Shaastra Cont'd 04-Oct-2008
    Events started on day 2 of Shaastra.. A copy of schedule was given to all of us. We had a look at it to see what all events we could participate in. The Rubik's cube workshop was scheduled at 12, Code Breaker prelims clashed with that.
  • IIT Madras Tech Fest - Shaastra-2008 01-Oct-2008
    Its almost 3 to 4 months since the Shaastra publicity team came to our college.. (Shaastra is the annual Technical fest of IIT Madras). Few of us had decided to come for it at any cost this year.. Since it will be the last chance to come as a student.
  • Generating Permutations Programatically! 27-Aug-2008
    Apart from Johnson trotter, Permutations can be generated in many ways. The two methods i'll be discussing here are: 1. Recursive Method 2. Minimal Change Method or Bottom up approach.
  • Spell Check and Word Suggestions! 24-Aug-2008
    The following question was asked in the programming round of Yahoo! recruitments last year in our college.. Here's the problem statement. Write a program to check whether the spelling of a given word is correct or not. If not, word suggestions must be provided. A dictionary will be provided which contains one word per line.
  • How to improve programming skills? 10-Aug-2008
    Many keep asking me this question, "How do i improve my programming skills?". I used to ask the same question to my friends who were good at it ( Not that i'm too good at programming now :P ) But i have definitely found certain places where one can enhance their programming skills.
  • Lol Code - Funny programming constructs 07-Aug-2008
    Programming is fun, many will agree with this.. Here is a programming language which makes it more fun with its syntax.. Its called the LOLCODE. The way they have defined the tokens is simply awesome. Some of the tokens are: A Programming language with funny syntax. Try Reading a few lolcode programs.
  • National Instruments - Interview Experience! 05-Aug-2008
    Today was a great day in my life. I got placed in National Instruments. One of the companies I had in my mind for quite sometime.. I'm very happy about it. :-)The recruitment process of NI was simply the best. I had heard this from many of my seniors, I just saw that myself today.
  • Placement season - 2008 begins! 31-Jul-2008
    I wanted to share a couple of things regarding placements and how it is from a placement coordinators' point of view. This is my first post about placements so before anything else, one quick round of introduction of placement coordinators who have made the hectic work, a little enjoyable!
  • Free Rice - A bit addictive but worth it. 08-Jul-2008
    Build vocabulary and donate Rice. Its basically a vocabulary game, A word is given and we have to select the definition from a list of specified options.
  • Building GNOME Desktop Environment! 02-Jun-2008
    One of the main advantages of using FOSS(Free and Open Source Softwares) is that we get the source code along with the program. All this time i was just using them, but never tried to get the source code and see the code that was making the program work.
  • Farewell to seniors.. 31-May-2008
    Farewell party to our seniors (BMSCE-ISE 2008). We were lucky to get such awesome guys as our seniors! We had a great time organizing this!
  • Johnson Trotter Algorithm to generate Permutations! 29-May-2008
    Johnson Trotter is a non recursive algorithm which is used to generate permutations of a given set. Implemented using C++.
  • Writing a Sudoku Solver! 28-May-2008
    I wanted to write a sudoku solver from a very long time. I had over estimated the problem; rather the solution, to a very great extent. It was sattvik who helped me to come out of that feeling. His words, 'simple validation and backtracking will do the job' made me think for sometime and i got the solution.